Goods for Good

NUFX custom up cycling breathes new life into your old gis or t-shirts while supporting refugee women in the Houston area. We've partnered with a Houston-based non-profit that trains refugee women in industrial sewing, pays them living wages with flexible hours to support family life, and helps them pave the way towards opening small businesses of their own to bring you these sustainable statement pieces that are as unique and sentimental as they are functional and durable.

Gi Bags

Gi Bags

TheseĀ up-cycled gi bags are fabricated from your very own gi that you... 

Quilt Blankets

Quilt Blankets

This incredible up-cycled quilt is fabricated from all those sentimental tees that... 

  • Sustainable

    Upcycling breathes new life into old goods in a functional and creative way which increases their value and keeps waste out of our landfills

  • Durable

    NU/FX goods are crafted with careful hands and finished with premium accessories like molded zippers, polypropylene webbing, and 100% organic cotton batting

  • Functional

    Each piece balances aesthetics with usability from the sneaky snack pockets and creative reinforcements in our bags to the extra cozy flannel backing on our quilts