About Us

Sustainable and socially supportive. Sentimental and uniquely yours. Functional. Durable. Creative. One-of-a-kind, first-of-their-kind, no-two-are-alike Jiu Jitsu gi bags and t-shirt quilt blankets that make as much of a statement as they do a social impact.

We proudly partner with HTX Sewn Goods, a small Houston-based operation which trains its local population of diverse refugee women in industrial sewing, offers them living wages for their work, and helps them pave their way towards opening their own small businesses. HTX Sewn Goods is a branch of the larger Connect Community non-profit organization, headquartered in the "Ellis Island of Houston," driven by the vision of uplifting its community through civil, educational, and industrial re-engineering. Installing more sidewalks and bikes lanes, building updated housing units, and generating living-wage work opportunities are only some of their missions.

NU/FX was founded by Jiu Jitsu players who wanted a sustainable, socially supportive way to turn our old gis into functional bags. It was by a small stroke of good fortune that we connected with the HTX Sewn Goods community and were able to begin our partnership with them.

You'll love the functional details and careful craftsmanship of our up cycled gi bags and t-shirt quilt blankets. We are proud and honored to be the first to bring this unique and exciting service to our community while supporting our Houston-based partners in their mission to uplift their local population.